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Rich in culture...

From 1890 until 1930, Meridian was the state's largest city and a leader in manufacturing. It was during this time that much of the existing skyline was built. The Grand Opera House opened its doors in 1890. The Threefoot Building, an Art Deco masterpiece, became Meridian's tallest skyscraper, and Meridian's Carnegie Library, which now houses the Museum of Art, was constructed.


Today, many of Meridian's historic neighborhoods feature fine homes and buildings typical of their eras. The city has nine recognized historic districts and neighborhoods, including the largest collection of historic buildings in its downtown district in the state.​ It was through the rich culture that called Meridian home that these beautiful pieces of work were created. The Threefoot Building is the perfect representation of  a community rich in culture. The 16-story brick structure was developed by and named for the Threefoot family, German-Jewish immigrants who arrived in the mid-19th century and anglicized their name from Dreyfuss ("three foot" in German) to join their new American home. Designed by Claude H. Lindsey, the Threefoot Building was listed on the Top 10 Most Endangered Historical Sites in 2010 -- The Threefoot Festival was created not only to bring awareness to the beauty and historical value of this building, but to also nurture the art culture within Meridian and surrounding areas at the same time. Every year we aim to come together, all cultures-- and expose young budding artists, gain a new perspective of each other and celebrate art in all forms. 

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