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vendor application

Applications and Fees must be turned in by , 2020.  
Approval by Threefoot Arts Festival Committee will be by March 21, 2020.  

Entry fee returned if application is denied.  See full terms and conditions below

Application Fees: Jury Fee $20 non-refundable

Single Space (10'x10'): $25; Double Space (10'x20'): $50

Pay Online or Mail to:

Meridian Council for the Arts, Inc., P.O. Box 1405, Meridian, MS 39302-1405 Questions: 601-693-ARTS(2787) or 601-485-1998  
or e-mail us at 

pay online

Please submit both forms below.  You are required to submit three (3) high-resolution jpeg images of your current work.  Please email your images to: or see the mailing instructions below


The submittal of your online application will serve as your signature and agreement to the following terms and conditions:

The undersigned does hereby and forever discharge the City of Meridian, the Meridian Council for the Arts and the Threefoot Festival Committee of and from all manner of actions, suits, claims and demands whatsoever in a law or equity from any loss or damage to the undersigned property, while in the possession, supervision, or auspices of the Meridian Council for the Arts and the Threefoot Festival Committee, its members, agents, representatives, or employees. A signed contract/application indicates an acceptance of the rules and regulations of the Meridian Council for the Arts and the Threefoot Arts Festival Committee. The respective committee reserves the right to make final interpretation of all rules. The undersigned has read and complies with the rules printed in the guidelines and application. 

Thanks for submitting! 

You should receive an email  confirmation shortly

about your work

The selection panel is made up of four prominent representatives in the art community, with one serving as an alternate. The panel selects exhibitors who best reflect creativity, quality and originality in their overall body of work.  
Selection is based solely on the submitted images; high quality is recommended. An artist accepted to show may only display work reflected in the  
images submitted for jurying. All decisions by the panel are final. The Threefoot Festival will be limited to 50 juried artists. The next 20 artists will be put on the official waiting list and offered show positions as they become available, up to and including the day of the festival. 


Prize Money & Judging 
Prize money will be available for artistic awards in the eight categories. An independent juror is invited each year to evaluate the work of the artists in the festival and select Best In Show, Award of Distinction and Merit Awards. On-site awards are given for outstanding work in each category. 



   Best in Show 
   Award of Distinction 
   Merit Awards (Up to eight — one for each category — awards may not be given in all categories) 

   Purchase Awards 

Artist Services 
The artist Hospitality Committee is dedicated to making your time here enjoyable. Packets will be mailed to accepted artists with information on lodging, restaurants, maps, parking passes and other necessary forms and information. Artist’s amenities include: 

   Booth sitters
   Complimentary continental breakfast
   Free, convenient parking 
   Special rates at local hotels

Checks* must be submitted for each of the following: 

1.    Jury fee: $20 non-refundable
2.    Entry fee: $50 for single booth, $100 for double booth. Entry fee returned if application is denied.
3.    Late fee after March 22, 2020/accepted until March 29, 2020 -$30

*Checks must be payable to the Meridian Council for the Arts 


March 14 - Application deadline - Must be postmarked by March 14, 2020

March 21 - Notification to artists - All notifications via email                                                               

March 28 - Last day of 80% entry fee refund - request must be made in writing                                      

March 28 - Late application deadline; add $30 to fee

March 31 - Notification e-mailed to late applicants 

Entry Instructions 
You are required to submit three (3) high-resolution jpeg images of your current work or send photographs/slides. If applying by mail, please label a CD with your name, category, address, phone number and e-mail address. The images must be representative of the work to be exhibited for sale at the festival. If you are entering via mail, a current artist statement or bio must accompany the application. Send a stamped, self-addressed No. 10 envelope with this application.  

Rules & Standards 

1.     Eighty-percent (80%) of the entry fee will be refunded through March 29 with a written request at least one week prior to March 29. Jury fee is non-refundable. 
2.     Only artists accompanying their original work may participate in the festival. 
3.     Only original prints properly signed and numbered may be hung in the booth. Unframed commercial reproductions may be shown in a portfolio or in flip bins and must be clearly marked “reproductions.” 
4.     Artists are required to man their exhibits during festival hours, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 
5.     Artists bear the responsibility for all setup and security needs for their exhibit. The festival provides security Friday night after set-up, but the festival is 
not ultimately responsible for loss or damage of any kind. 
6.     Booth space is a maximum of 10’ x 10’.
7.     Artists must provide their own display booths, tents, weights to anchor tents, racks, tables and chairs. Artists are responsible for assembly and disassembly of all items. Be prepared for the possibility of inclement weather conditions. 
8.     Booth space cannot be shared but one artist may purchase more than one booth.
9.     Artists retain 100% of their sales and are responsible for reporting their 
own taxes. Sales taxes must be paid to Mississippi Tax Commission (7%). Tax forms will be included in the registration packet. 
10.    Special requests/needs must be made in writing and included with your application. All efforts will be made to honor such requests; however, 
the MCA cannot guarantee that all requests will be granted. 

11. Seventy five percent (75%) of the work displayed in each booth must be for sale at the festival. The Meridian Council for the Arts reserves the right to prevent an artist from displaying work that is not representative of the images originally accepted by the jury. MCA reserves the right to make final interpretations of all rules.

YOU CAN EMAIL THE FORM (remember it is two pages) —  but we must receive payment by March 14, 2020. 
Email to:
Or you can mail to: 
Meridian Council for the Arts, P.O. Box 1405, Meridian, MS 39302-1405.  
Please include two separate checks: entry fee ($50) and non-refundable jury fee ($20). If you are applying after the 
March 14, 2020, deadline, please add $10 for a total of $30 late application.

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